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Big Changes For Monmouth Property Tax Assessments

Big changes are quickly approaching for every single property owner in Monmouth County. Earlier this year, Governor Christie signed into law Senate Bill-1213 and Assembly-1591 (the “Act”) which taken together creates an “Assessment Demonstration Program” that will substantially change the property tax assessment and appeal process in New Jersey. The program modifies the timing of […]

“Automatic Variance” Bill For FEMA Base Elevations Passes NJ Legislature

On June 20, 2013, the NJ Senate and the NJ General Assembly unanimously approved a bill that would exempt homes affected by Superstorm Sandy from development regulations on building heights. Normally, homeowners must apply to their local municipality for a variance when construction alters the original zoning plan of the property. Given the new base […]

The Salt & Light Company, Inc. v. Township Of Willingboro Zoning Board Of Adjustment: Variances For Beneficial Use

A recent case involving variances in Burlington County demonstrates that property owners may not always be granted a variance intended for beneficial use. In the case of The Salt & Light Company, Inc. v. Township of Willingboro Zoning Board of Adjustment, the plaintiff originally filed to have the denial of its variance overturned. The Salt […]

High Court Overturns Abolition Of COAH

In yet another chapter in New Jersey’s seemingly unending saga regarding affordable housing, today the New Jersey Supreme Court, in a ruling of five in favor and two dissenting, ruled that Governor Christie does not have the authority to abolish the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing (“COAH”). In its much-anticipated decision in In Re […]